Zebra Fill – All 3 U-He Zebra Vsti Synth Presets Collections

Download Zebra Fill – All 3 U-He Zebra Vsti Synth Presets Collections

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Zebra Fill includes – All 3 U-He Zebra 2.5 preset collections from Jeff Rhodes of Perimeter Sound

Zebrasonix – Rate Of Motion – Projektor

411 Zebra 2.5 patches, and 765 variations of those patches. And 88 Zebrify patches.

Whether you produce pure ambient soundtrack type music, floor hopping dance tracks, or pounding industrial metal dirges, there are sounds for you in this massive multi-collection combo.

Rather than remain static, or worse yet – to just copy the sounds you’ve already heard before, I’ve tried to create some patches that I would want to use in my own tracks. And ultimately that’s what I did. If you’ve heard any of my ‘Ambient Glitch’ series of loop samples, or any from the ‘Dance Glitch’ series, then you have heard a number of these Zebra patches in action. Each set has a slightly different focus, and each set definitely has some new and different programming techniques used. So no matter which set you open, you are bound to hear something you will want to record.

Be sure to check out the demo mp3’s (on the individual product pages), and the small freebee try-before-you-buy sets of patches from each set (also on the individual product pages). This collection is for the folks who want the whole bundle at once, and have waited patiently for a chance to save a little at the same time. Now you can get all 3 sound banks, for the price of Zebrasonix and one of the others, it’s basically like buying 2 getting 1 free.

Thanks for your support, and I’ll see you again when Zebra 2.6 is released.

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